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"Welcome to SJJ Plush, Your One-Stop Shop for Cute Plushies and much more!"

SJJ Plush takes pride in presenting an extensive range of high-quality, unique plushies at affordable prices. Whether it's plush bags, keychains, toys, hand warmers, or pillows, our selection includes the perfect plushie to bring a smile to your face.

In addition to our plush collection, we offer Christian gifts such as prayer rosaries, inspirational stickers, and keychains. Furthermore, our lineup features inspiring gifts like heart-shaped mugs adorned with motivational quotes and more.

Aligned with our company's mission, as reflected in our logo, our goal is to share joy and happiness by providing distinctive, religious, inspiring, and innovative products.

We aspire to bring happiness to your loved ones through the gifts available in our store. Let's spread joy and happiness together!

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  • Give joy and happiness with special plushies gifts!

    Our collection is always expanding, so be sure to check back often to see what's new.

    New plushies 
  • Bring joy and happiness with the prayer of rosaries!

    Discover our latest unique addition to our collection of rosaries, designed to bring you unparalleled joy and happiness.

  • Rediscover the joy and happiness with our heart-shaped mugs!

    Introducing our delightful product: heart-shaped mugs adorned with inspiring and uplifting quotes. These mugs are a beautiful reminder of the beauty of life with every sip you take.

    Heart-Shaped Mugs 
  • Spread joy and happiness with delightful sticker gifts

    Give the gift of joy and happiness with our collection of sticker presents. These delightful stickers are perfect for bringing smiles to the faces of friends, family, and loved ones.

  • Share the joy and happiness with Charming Mini Blocks

    Discover the perfect gift for sharing joy and happiness with our Mini Block, a gift that embodies creativity and fun.

    Mini Blocks 
  • Unlock divine joy and happiness with Christian Keychain

    Experience the essence of faith with our Christian Keychain. It's a timeless accessory that serves as a reminder of joy and happiness.